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Vay be hangisine yetişeceğiz? :D Air Gear side story... Bu da bir başlangıçtır. İnşallah diğer yarıda kalmış animelere de böyle yavaş yavaş yapmaya başlarlar. Ama cilt atlanması olayını sevmiyorum, bilmiyorum bunda var mı? Ama vardır heralde.

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Bugün aldığım 2. Güzel haber...:)

Air Gear'ı yeniden gösterime sokmaları çok güzel olacak.

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Bakumanı bekliyordum fakat başka bir forumda code geass gaiden'in geleceği yazıyordu.

Ayrıca bazı seriler hakkında bilgiler de var;

Toaru Majutsu no Index 2


Start: October 2010

Length: ?

Season 2 of Toaru Majutsu no Index. Set in a city of scientifically advanced superhuman students, but in a world where magic is also real. Kamijyo Touma’s right hand, the Imagine Breaker, will negate all magic, psychic, or divine powers, as well as his own luck. One day he finds a young girl hanging on his balcony railing. She turns out to be a nun from the Church of England, and her mind has been implanted with the Index Librorum Prohibitorum—all the magical texts the Church has removed from circulation.

Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai


Start: October 2010

Length: 12 Episodes

Kyousuke Kousaka, a normal seventeen-year-old high school student, hasn’t gotten along with his younger sister, Kirino, in years. For longer than he can remember, Kirino has ignored his comings and goings and looked at him with spurning eyes. It seemed as if the relationship between Kyousuke and his sister, now fourteen, would continue this way forever.

One day, however, Kyousuke finds a DVD case of a magical girl anime entitled Hoshikuzu Witch Merle (Stardust Witch Merle), which had fallen into the entranceway of his house. To Kyousuke’s surprise, inside the case is a hidden adult video game titled Imouto to Koishiyo! (Love with Little Sister!). Kyousuke attempts to fish out the culprit who dropped the case by bringing up the topic of magical girl anime at the family dinner table. All that comes out is a strong negative reaction from his parents, especially his anti-otaku policeman father.

That night, Kirino bursts into Kyousuke’s room and, in perhaps the first conversation she has initiated with him in years, says they “have things to talk about.” Kirino brings Kyousuke to her room and shows him an extensive collection of moe anime and lolicon bishoujo games she has been collecting in secret.

Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Girls


Start: October 2010

Length: 12 Episodes

The story takes place in Japan in the early 21st century, in an alternate reality where the Tokugawa Shogunate has remained in power. In this reality, student councils are tasked with oppressing schools. Yagyuu Muneakira is a high school student who rebels against his student council with the help of girls who’ve had the names of famous samurai heroes passed on to them.

Psychic Detective Yakumo


Start: October 2010

Length: 13 Episodes

Shinrei Tantei Yakumo tells a story about a college student, Saitou Yakumo who is born with different eye colors. His red left eye gives him a special ability to see ghosts and spirits. He believes ghosts and spirits are bound to earth because of a certain “cause,” and simply eliminating that “cause” will let those spirits rest in peace. Being asked for help by Ozawa Haruka, they begin the investigation together.



Start: October 2010

Length: 25 Episodes

Moritaka Mashiro and Akito Takagi are pretty much foils of each other. Mashiro, an average 9th grade student but talented artist, and Takagi, an overall advanced 9th grader and aspiring writer. After great convincing, Takagi convinces Mashiro to join him in becoming the greatest mangakas Japan has ever seen. Takagi, with his gift of writing, hopes to become a successful mangaka, and Mashiro, with his gift of art, hopes to marry the girl of his dreams, Azuki Miho.



Start: October 2010

Length: 11 Episodes

The story centers around Tsukimi Kurashita, a huge fan of jellyfish (kurage, a wordplay on the “kura/mi” and “tsuki/ge” in her name) and a girl who moves to Tokyo to become an illustrator. She moves into “Amamizukan,” an apartment complex that is full of fujoshi (diehard female otaku) with a no-men-allowed rule. However, one day, Tsukimi invites a stylishly fashionable woman to stay at her room at Amamizukan — only to discover that the guest is not who “she” seems to be.

Letter Bee 2


Start: October 2010

Length: ? Episodes

Season 2 of Letter Bee (Tegami Bachi). Gauche is a governmental employee, given the task to deliver any letter to it’s destination. Meeting a young boy who is the letter to be delivered, Gauche makes friends with Lag and inspires him to take up the job. Five years later, Lag Seeing finally realizes his dream, that of a Letter Bee. However, the one who inspired him has gone missing and only there does the mystery start.

Sora no Otoshimono: Forte


Start: October 2010

Length: ? Episodes

The second season of Sora no Otoshimono. Sakurai Tomoki has been having the same strange dream since he was a child and would wake up in tears. Sugata, an upperclassmen at his school, believes the dream to be of the new continent. Later that night, while waiting under the cherry trees for Sugata and his childhood friend, Sohara, an angel comes flying down and his peaceful life changes from then on.



Start: October 2010

Length: ? Episodes

Sado Tarou suffers from sexual masochism; he experiences sexual pleasure from pain. He feels he won’t ever have a normal relationship with his condition and decides to visit the Voluntary Club, a place that grants students’ wishes, for a cure. At the club, he finds Isurugi Mio, a girl who thinks she is a god, and Yuuno Arashiko, the girl who caused his condition in the first place…

Togainu no Chi


Start: October 2010

Length: ? Episodes

After being devastated in the third World War (known as The Third Division), Japan was divided in two. Several years after the end of the war, a crime organization called Vischio has taken control of the destroyed city of Toshima (formerly Tokyo, Japan’s capital city), where they are holding a battle game known as “Igura”. The is main character, a young man named Akira, is falsely accused of a crime. Once arrested, a mysterious woman appears before him, offering him freedom if he agrees to participate in Igura and defeat Igura’s strongest man: the king, or “Il-re”. The story follows Akira’s life in the harsh, lawless Toshima as he fights both to survive and to unravel the mysteries developing around him.

Shinryaku! Ika Musume


Start: October 2010

Length: ? Episodes

The sea in our world has been polluted. All sorts of trash were thrown into the sea, making it unpleasant deep under the sea. One of the inhabitants of the sea, Ika Musume (Squid Girl) seeks to exact revenge on humanity for throwing trash into the sea. Clueless about the surface, she seeks to invade humanity alone, trying to rule over the world, only to find herself slaving away at one of the nearest beach-houses for breaking a side of its wall.

Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru


Start: October 2010

Length: ? Episodes

Clumsy Arashiyama is a girl with a love for mysteries and a knack for getting into trouble. She works for an old lady’s lackluster maid café in a small shopping district. The cafe is largely unsuccessful in attracting customers aside from Sanada, a regular and one of Arashiyama’s classmates (who has a secret crush on her). One day Arashiyama’s clever friend Tatsuno is invited to the café, and, upon seeing the miserable state of things (and Sanada, whom she has a secret crush on), decides to work there. Don’t miss the crazy antics of Arashiyama and friends, mismatched love stories, and all the hilarity that is created as a result, in Sore Machi.

Otome Youkai Zakuro


Start: October 2010

Length: ? Episodes

It’s the Meiji Era in a slightly alternate Japan, and the Gregorian calendar has just come into effect. The fox-eared girls living in the youkai part of town are about to be put to work together with a delegation of young human soldiers, to promote interracial understanding. So what will happen when Zakuro’s strong personality collides with human sensibilities?

Yosuga no Sora


Start: October 2010

Length: ? Episodes

The story is set in the distant mountain village of Okukozome-chou. Haruka Kazugano and his twin sister Sora have fond childhood memories of going to the village to visit their grandfather during their summer vacations. However, after losing their parents in an accident, the two must move in with their grandfather.

The twins get reacquainted with their old childhood friend Nao Yorihime, their new classmate Ryouhei Nakazato, the shrine maiden Akira Amatsume, and Akira’s friend Kazuha Migawa. All seems peaceful and familiar. However, beneath the surface is a secret promise that the twins made with each other long ago, the whereabouts of an important lost item, and the real reason they chose to come back here.

Hakuouki 2


Start: October 2010

Length: ? Episodes

Second season of Hakuouki. The protagonist, Yukimura Chizuru, is the daughter of a doctor who works in Edo. The father leaves Edo to work as a volunteer doctor and moves to Kyoto without his daughter. As time passes by, Chizuru starts worrying about losing contact with her father, so she decides to go to Kyoto in search of him. On the way, Chizuru is attacked by few criminals and witnesses a fight between an oni and the Shinsengumi. Taking her into custody and saving her, the Shinsengumi debate on what to do with Chizuru when they discover that she is the daughter of the doctor they are also looking for. So they decide to become Chizuru’s protectors and help her look for her father(the doctor). Lots of events happen while she stays with the Shinsengumi, as they discover mysterious secrets and also fight against the Bakumatsu group. The story is overall romantic with a historical and political background.

Motto To Love-Ru -Trouble-


Start: Fall 2010

Length: ? Episodes

The story is about Yuuki Rito, a high-school boy who cannot confess to the girl of his dreams, Sairenji Haruna. One day when coming home and sulking in the bath-tub a mysterious, nude girl, appears out of nowhere. Her name is Lala and she comes from the planet Deviluke, where she is the heir to the throne. Her father wants her to return to her home planet so she can marry one of the husband candidates, but she decides that she wants to marry Rito in order to stay on Earth.

Iron Man


Start: October 1, 2010.

Length: 12 Episodes

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun OVA


Start: Oct 29, 2010.

Length: ?

Yozakura Quartet ~Hoshi no Umi~ OVA


Start: October 2010.

Length: 1 Episode?

Retelling of the first series which will faithfully reproduce the original story of the manga.

Sora no Otoshimono OVA


Start: September 9, 2010.

Length: 1 Episode.

According to Anime Newtype Channel, Sora no Otoshimono was meant to be 14 episodes long. However, one of the episodes wasn’t aired on TV because it was too “dangerous”…

Shounen Maid Kuro-kun OVA


Start: September 23, 2010.

Length: ?

Kuro-kun is made to take over the debts of his father and forced to pay them off by being sold into servitude as a boy maid.

To Heart 2 adnext OVA


Start: September 23, 2010.

Length: 2 Episodes.

The first and the second volume will feature Komaki Manaka and Kusakabe Yuuki, respectively.

Princess Lover! OVA


Start: September 24, 2010.

Length: ?

OVA to the TV series; Princess Lover! Arima Teppei lost his parents in a traffic accident. His grandfather Isshin adopted him by force and ordered him to succeed the head of Arima Group Corporation. At Shuuhou Gakuen, a high school only for wealthly students, Teppei’s new life as a celebrity starts.

Mobile Suit Gundam 00 The Movie: A Wakening of the Trailblazer


Release: Sep 18, 2010.

A theatrical release was announced at the end of episode 25 of season 2, called Mobile Suit Gundam 00 The Movie: A Wakening of the Trailblazer (劇場版機動戦士ガンダム00(ダブルオー)-A Wakening of the Trailblazer-. The events of the movie are to take place two years after the conclusion of season two. The Japanese premiere has been announced for September 18, 2010. In a interview with the director of the movie, Seiji Mizushima, it’s been revealed that he was impressed with the new Star Trek movie and attempted to capture that sensation into the new movie.


Code Geass Side Story: Akito of the Ruined Nation


The new side story is set in a.t.b.2017. A Knightmare unit made of boys and girls from Zone Eleven are thrown into a military operation with a 5% chance of survival. They must rescue an allied unit left behind on the European warfront.

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hım hoş bir sezon olacak

ancak Susano'o; o animeyi izlemek isteyeceğini sanmam shounen ai dir.

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Hemen paylaş

letter bee ve gundam kesin izleyeceğim. iron man de olabilir diğerleri hakkında hiç bilgim yok.

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e güzel serilerin devami geliyor olması güzel bir haber:962129:

ve listem:qegenmis:

1.air gear

2.sara no otoshimono:forte

3.motto to love-ru

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Hemen paylaş

Sadece resimlere karar vereceklerim olacak o yüzden yalnışlıkla shounen ai falan seçersem beni uyarın. :D

Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls- Sadece resimlerden bakarak iyi bulduğum birşey oldu.

Iron Man- Iron Man'i severim izlemezsem olmaz. Filminde aldığım tadı umarım animede de alırım.

Star Driver- Bu anime güzel olacak gibime geliyor. Kendimi mechayada alıştırmam gerek. :D

Otome Youkai Zakuro- Bu da güzel olacak gibi.

Bakuman- Mangasını okumadım animesi kısmetmiş. :D

Shinrei Tantei Yakumo- Resmine bakarak iyi buldum.

Goulart Knights- Bu da güzel olacak gibi.

Arakawa Under the Bridge 2- İlk sezonu bitirmedim ama izlemeye devam ederim. :)

Tegami Bachi Reverse- İşte beklediğim anime. Sonbaharın en iyi animelerinden biri olacağını düşünüyorum.

Toaru Majutsu no Index 2- Çeviren olursa izleriz. :D

Hakuouki 2- İşte batılı Shinsengumiler geliyor.

Air Gear- Normalini izlemedim bu nasıl olacak bilmiyorum ama izlerim herhalde.

Baya fazla oldu galiba. Resimlerden bakarak şunu söyleyebilirim. Sonbahar animesi çok güzel geçecek ve Türkçe çeviri olarak çoğu serinin çevrileceğini düşünüyorum.

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Hemen paylaş

Star Driver

Gerek konusunun "Utena with Mecha" olmasından, gerekse TTGL ekibince yapılmasından dolayı pek bir heyecan duyamıyorum. Çeviren olmazsa çevirebilirim aslında ama şimdiden belli ki asla haz aldığım tarzdan değil.

Shinrei Tantei Yakumo

İlginçtir, Manga'sını geçen hafta bitirmiştim ve hayli beğenmiştim. Psycometrir Eiji gibi ESP dedektifliği hikayeleri hep ilgimi çekmiştir zaten. Haftalık takip edeceğim kesinlikle.


Forumda daha önce de yazmıştım sanırım: Bu benim için 15 yıllık bir hayalin gerçekleşmesi gibi birşey. Çeviri listemde.

Gundam 00: A wakening of the Trailblazer

Tek bir isteğim var o da DVD/Blu Ray'i çıkana dek spoiler yememek. Çeviri listemde.

Code Geass Gaiden

Türü sevdiğimden yada Code Geass hayranı olduğumdan değil, sadece adet yerini bulsun diye izleyeceğim. Hepsi o kadar.


Acil tarafından ilk sezonun batch'ini edinmem lazım.

Togainu no Chi

İlgimi çekti & izleme listesine aldım.


Manga'sını okumaya fırsatım olmamıştı ama pas geçilecek birşey değil gibi duruyor.

Super Robot Wars

Çeviri listemde.

Bunun haricinde listede görmediklerim de var:


Mazinkaiser SKL

Yeni Mazinger spinoff'u olup Violence Jack OVA'larından süpriz birkaç karakteri düşman olarak görmemizi sağlayacak. Kikuko Inoue gibi seiyuu'lar barındırmasının yanısıra erkeksi dövüş sahneleri ilgimi çekti.

Bu yazdıklarım haricinde maalesef ilgimi çeken olmadı ama en azından öncekiler denli kısır bir sezon görmeyeceğimiz açık.

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Hemen paylaş

Beklediğim birçok serinin yanı sıra şimdilip kapak resimlerinden etkilendiğim birkaç seri daha var.

To aru majutsu index 2

Tegami batci 2

yozagura quartet ova

To aru kogaku railgun ova

Code Geass Gaiden

Otome youkai zakura

Fortune artariel

Ore no imouta

Gundam 00: A wakening of the Trailblazer

İron man

sora no otoshimono ova

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Hemen paylaş

Iron Man,Bakuman,Gundam 00 Filmi,Star Driver,Air Gear OAD ilgimi çekti...

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Hemen paylaş

Şimdi hepsini yaz yaz bitmez. Beklediklerim geliyor yine takılacaz bu animelere.(mezuniyeti zora sokmasalar bari)

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Tablo v5 ile değiştirildi.

Update History :

[15/08/2010] Released : Version 5.

[15/08/2010] Updated : “Bakuman” anime now has a new picture, featuring anime design and not manga design, unlike the previous one.

[15/08/2010] Updated : “Togainu no Chi” anime now has a new picture, featuring anime design and not manga design, unlike the previous one.

[15/08/2010] Updated : “Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai” anime now has a new picture, featuring anime design and not manga design, unlike the previous one.

[15/08/2010] Updated : “Goulart Knights” anime now has an Uncertain tag.

[15/08/2010] Updated : “Starry Sky” anime now has an Uncertain tag.

[15/08/2010] Added : Negima! ~Mo Hitotsu no Sekai~ OAD

[15/08/2010] Added : Seikon no Qwaser : Empress no Shozo OAD

[15/08/2010] Added : Sora no Otoshimono OAD

[15/08/2010] Added : ~Da Capo~ OVA

[15/08/2010] Added : Ganbare! Kieruna!! Shikiso Usuko-san OVA

[15/08/2010] Added : Tamayura OVA

[15/08/2010] Added : ~Time Paladin Sakura~ OVA

[15/08/2010] Added : Omae Umasou da na : Series

[15/08/2010] Added : Red color for UNCERTAIN Tags and Backgrounds.

[15/08/2010] Added : Green color for OAD Tags and Backgrounds.

[15/08/2010] Added : Blue color for OVA Backgrounds.

[15/08/2010] Removed : Omae Umasou da na : Movie

[15/08/2010] Removed : Gundam 00 : Movie

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Hemen paylaş

hyakka ryouran samurai girls

yasuga no sora

pokemon: best wishes

Hakuoki 2-özellikle bunu-

Yorum bağlantısı
Hemen paylaş

öncelikle beklediğim seri code geass 3. sezon. Mecha pek ilgimi çeken bir tür olmamıştır açıyımda izliyim gibisinden ama code geass işe ayrı bir bakış katıyor bu nedenle biraz birikmesini bekleyip izleyeceğim açıkçası bir bölüm izlemek sonra gelecek haftayı beklemek işi beni biraz sıkıyor canım sıkılınca açıp birkaç bölüm izlemem gerekli.

Hakuouki ninde ilk sezonu yarım yamalak izledim shinsengumi ile ilgili oldupu için ilgimi çekti ama farklı şeyler var hatta saçma bulduğum şeyler umarım bu animeyi bir shojo serisine sarmazlar hijikatanın başına üşüşcekmiş gibi geliyor o kız nedense:D diğerleri de olabilir gerçi kimi görse yanağı kızarıyor bu seri böyle gitmez umarım ben o kız yerine bol bol shinsengumi görmek istiyorum:D ama korktuğum başıma gelcekmiş gibi bu konuda neyse farklı bir yapım tabi bakacağız artık.

bakuman ı da izlemeyi düşünüyorum mangasını okumadım ancak seven çok anşmeye bakacağız artık şu sıralar manga okumaktansa anime izlemeyi daha öncelikli tercih ediyorum.

bunun dışında resmiyle ilgi çekici gözüken animeler var bakalım artık gelsinler biraz biriksinler:D

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Hemen paylaş

bu sonbahar sezonu çok kaliteli ve bir o kadar da beklenilen animelerle dolup taşacak.hangisi mi derseniz listem çok uzun olur ama

ilk sıraya Togainu no chi'yi koyabilirim

daha sonra Tegami bachi reverse

ve de air gear derim.

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Hemen paylaş

Doğrusu yılın ilk yarısı tam bir hayal kırıklığıydı benim için, ama bu habri görünçe helede bazı ilgi çekici seri ve ovaları görünçe baya bi sevindim.

Yorum bağlantısı
Hemen paylaş

Bende Akuma gibi büyük bir heyecanla Iron man'i beklemekteyim. ^^

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Hemen paylaş

  • 4 hafta sonra...

Bakuman bir hafta sonra başlıyormuş, hadi bakalım hayırlısı.

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Hemen paylaş

2010'un en sağlam sezonu.

Artı, Air Gear sadece tek bölümlük bir ova; Ikki vs Ringo konulu olacak diye biliyorum. Manganın 16. cildine mi ne denk geliyordu hatta.

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